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Plans & Permits

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More about this service:

When designing signage for your business, there are a lot of factors to consider but none more important than finding out if a permit is required by your county, city or municipality and if so, you will need to know if they have any requirements or restrictions. Based on this, you can move forward with the design for your sign project.

Once your sign design is complete, the next phase in the process is obtaining the appropriate permits. Permits are official written documents that authorize the construction and installation of a sign. Each city and county ordinance pertaining to construction permits will vary but Signarama’s sign experts will assist you in obtaining the proper documents. Although sign code can be detailed and often confusing, our knowledgeable sign experts have a clear understanding of the ordinances as they relate to your project in your area. Signarama will ensure that your business adheres to all legal requirements because your time and investment are valuable.

In addition to construction permits, ordinances may require electrical (sign lighting) permits. In many cases, multiple permits are required for one project. Additionally, permit fees will vary depending on the size of the completed project. It should be noted that in some jurisdictions, a permit is even required to update signs. As a result, we recommend that prior to starting a project design, you consult with your local sign expert and government entity to understand the parameters of the permit laws in your area.

Signarama is accustomed to the scope of sign projects and will work with you from beginning to end, ensuring your complete satisfaction with your sign project.

Contact your local sign experts to begin discussing your next sign project.

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